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Dec 10, 2012 12:35am EST
boomers 15 years away from retiring and i don't have the luxury of the soviet union falling. the recipes that worked in the late 1990's worked. they don't work now. we have a different set of problems. host: from new york city, democrat blind, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. even if we go over the fiscal cliff, we need a bigger plan because it does not even balance the budget. i don't think we really have a supply-side problem. they talk about cutting taxes on the right and i think there are so many people out of work and i think you need to get these people to work. i just think we have a demand issue, not a supply issue. if you're out of work, you cannot pay taxes. guest: he is exactly right -- no one is talking about a fiscal cliff that will solve the problem. there is no grand bargain being discussed except in the most general outline terms. there is enough to be -- nothing close to being politically acceptable. we're only talking of something of that will allow people to get through this. in the short term, we need to have fiscal policy that may get the deficit highe
Dec 24, 2012 1:05am EST
demonstrate to them and also some opposition from within, because it is a unionized, heavily unionized labor force, and almost all of the labour force are attorneys. is subject to strike fear in your heart, a union of lawyers, but i could point to other places in my experience. we never talk about productivity issues because of the pressure from unions and the fear -- they were just as guilty as this, taking the money away. in the beginning it is often more expensive, and you achieve savings over the long term, but if you take them out in the beginning, you have almost assured yourself of failure in terms of your ability to deliver citizen needs, etc. >> this is going to give me the opportunity to tie back to a comment i made earlier about resources, the of efficiency by which you deliver results and the value to the mission as our results, because there is a little bit of light in that example. we were able 0 look at where our opportunity was for more efficiency but we had available, which is taking a fledgling electronic filing approach and turning it into an electronic pipeline and busine
Dec 22, 2012 9:35pm EST
the freedom not to join a union. now, they didn't do that because it was politically expedient or that they thought it was a good idea, because it actually is probably going to get a lot of the politicians in hot water in michigan. but what they did is looked at 23 other states who had adopted the same idea and saw that they were attracting businesses and creating jobs, and these states without raising taxes had more revenue to build schools and roads and hospitals. it was just an idea that worked. it's not a political idea to give people the freedom not to join a union, it's an american idea and it's an idea that works. we can look around the country today and again, we make these things political and give them labels that are good or bad, depending on, i guess, which party you're in. but we know a number of states have been real innovative and creative with what they're doing in education. we see what they've done in florida to create more choices. in louisiana particularly. forced by hurricane katrina to start a new system, in effect, and they see that more choices and stude
Dec 1, 2012 9:45pm EST
have built over the last four years. we convinced all 27 nations of the european union to stop importing iranian oil and all 20 major global importers of iranian oil -- including japan, india, china, and turkey -- to make significant cuts. iran today exports more than one million fewer barrels of crude each day than it did just last year. iran's currency is worth less than half of what it was last november. the pressure is real and it is growing. and let me add, we take pride in the coalition we have assembled, but no pleasure in the hardship that iran's choices have caused its own people to endure. we are making every effort to ensure that sanctions don't deprive iranians of food, medicines, and other humanitarian goods. i travel the world working to help people everywhere take part in the global economy, and we never lose sight of the fact that iranians deserve this no less than any other people. america's goal is to change the iranian leadership's calculus. we have worked with the p-5 plus 1 to put a credible offer on the table. if there is a viable diplomatic deal to be had
Dec 22, 2012 4:14pm EST
these images from union beach, new jersey, where homes, cars, and people's very lives were destroyed. sandy was one of the largest transportation disasters in history. new jersey transit suffer damage to all 12 of its rail lines. miles of track were washed out. hundreds of cars and locomotives were submerged, some suffering irreparable damage. the system that carries 77 million people between new jersey and manhattan each year was brought to a halt by the flooding. it reopened only yesterday. to help illustrate just how serious the flooding was, i would like to share this image from security cameras, showing corrosive see water flowing into the station. in new york, where public transit carries more than 8 million riders each day, the damage was unprecedented. sandy shutdown the entire mta system for only the second time in its 100 a year history. a subway tunnels were flooded. 12 subway station suffered major damage or were destroyed entirely. again, i want to stress the importance of investing now so we do not have to pay again the next time this happens. were tracks need to be raised, we
Dec 8, 2012 3:35pm EST
had something at the table. i was interested to find the european union is not open. all of the public transportation operations for high-speed and other rail service to the private sector, which is something we should let, and italy has more forward in an expedited fashion open to a private contractor who is now providing competing service to the public sector in italy so we can look at some things that may not be successful in other countries and tried to pick the very best options. let me yield mel. >> thank you. i can only take my colleagues at his word. when we went to the central valley, one of the robot has been the lack of knowing the details. the conversation you just went through with mr. lahood, how could we expect to get an update on who these private companies are that are able to invest that come much are they willing to invest that i have heard him say the same concern for over a year now. when do you anticipate the governor would work with you to present a package of how we might be able to get the private investment? >> i'm not going to speak for the governor. this has
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
represented our 50th state from the first day it was entered into the union, but his traditional service began long before he came to the united states senate. he was just a boy when he heard the warplanes over oahu, saw the bombs dropped on pearl harbor, and ran to gave aid to the wounded. he was still a teenager when he volunteered to serve this nation overseas, even though his people had been declared enemy aliens. and i am reminded, looking at another secretary year, who served in one of those internment camps. senator inouye became a member of the most highly decorated unit in the history of the united states military. that says it all. after being gravely wounded in italy, his arm was amputated. he spent 21 months recuperating from his wounds at an army hospital in michigan. future majority leader bob dole, another young gi, who had been also wounded in the european theater, and he told senator inouye he wanted to go to law school and go to congress. bob dole was elected to congress one year after senator inouye. senator inouye always joked, "i went with the dole plan, and i beat him. "
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)